Saturday, November 26, 2005

Nick and Jessica.........need I say more......

Nope I won't! HA! No high on my list of worries. Just wanted you to think that I live through the pages of People Mag. Don't get me wrong, I love their crossword, cause it is so easy, and when I finish it, I feel smart. Guess who's house is all decorated for Christmas??? Mine, I love decorating the day after Thanksgiving. I do not abuse myself by going to Walmart door busters. So I have the strength, and all my limbs to decorate my house. By the way, I will not be at any malls shopping this year. I shopped online, and it will be delivered next week. YIPPIE! Let me tell you, it is awesome! Plus I found deals where it was free shipping, so hello, no having to drive, and waste precious petrol was fab! Well, it is one of those rare sunny days in FW, so I am going to go hang my Christmas lights. Look out neighbors, I will win!!! Just kiddin!

Hope everyone had a nummy Thanks giving! I know I did....worked 8 hours of it. UGH...I don't hold enough rank yet to get holidays off.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hailey in the snow! WHEEE! It better snow here this year. I am so doing a snow dance!

Here is another pic of Sophie. How cute! She is in her pretty pink princess room I painted. Let me give you a tip here. Stripes, though they look great......Absolutely SUCK to paint. But it was worth it. She better love pink until she goes to college!

Here is a very cute pic of Sophie. She is actually wearing a build a bear cheerleader outfit. She was just so cute in it! Ofcourse now she is almost 2, so she is a bit bigger now.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Change is good!

Ok, I could stand it no more. The blonde hair. I did the blonde thing for about 1 month, and I can not take it anymore. Today, I had it dyed dark auburn. Whew! I feel better. You never realize how crappy a color looks on you, until you go back to a much more flattering color. I just wanted to let everyone know, they can now go about their daily lives. Jen is blonde no more.

End of story........

Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Greek to Me!

I have to go to Greece. This is my must do in 06! Have you seen the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants? I have, and I fell in love with the little island she was at. I want to go there this spring. What is funny is now that I do not work for a major airline. I want to go to Greece. So I could have flown round trip for like 100 bucks. Oh well. My new goal, is to pick a country a year. Study it, learn some important bits of the language, and go for a week or two. Greece is going to be the honeymoon Pom and I never had. He had to leave for Japan right after we got married. And then we have been dirt poor for ever! But now things are looking up, and I want to "Live" If any of you have had the pleasure of traveling to Greece, please let me know of where to stay what to do. I am not the "Touristy gaudy american" type. I want low key cultural immersion, aka chillin on the beach with a gyro! The hardest thing about this trip will be convincing Pom to go. He is comfortable in his surroundings, which is politically correct for RUT! HA ok, I have to digress here, I heard this new politically correct term which has provided me with endless laughs. Differed Success, which is the proper way to say Failure. Use it today! It is great. Honey, looks like you are having differed success in your career! HA! It still cracks me up.

Take Care all!
Cosmos are yummy!

Ok I put it out there. I openly enjoy cosmos. The drink alone, says you are high maintenance. I drink them, to celebrate that fact! Just kidding, anyone who knows me knows, I "ain't" high maintenance. Maybe high on life, and that is about it. But they are yummy. I am having one this evening.(a once in a blue moon luxury) Then I am takin a bubble bath! Here is my recipe!

2-3 oz Cranberry juice (I like white cranberry, apple cranberry, and cranraspberry)
1-2 oz Smirnoff Cranberry Vodka (if I am feeling rich, I grab the Grey Goose)
1 oz Triple sec
fresh lime
cranberry skewer for garnish
Put all the goodies in your handy cocktail shaker, and shake what yo mama gave ya!
Personally, I like to dance when I do this, it is more fun. Pour into a martini glass, now this is key. Do not try to drink a cosmo out of your hello kitty plastic cup. NO! This needs to be enjoyed in the full ambiance of, what is a COSMO! Hey, and don't go cryin, but Jen I can't get martini glasses. I have 2 words for you DOLLAR STORE. I got these beautiful cobalt blue ones. And they rock. Look just like the ones at Pier One. Aight!

Now Drink and Enjoy. Remeber to drink responsibly. And never blog and drink at the same time. You never know what secrets you may devulge, or worse yet, the spelling mistakes you could make. UGH! The horror!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Sophie and daddy, pickin strawberries!

Hailey Cheerin!

Go Hawks!

Here is my scary pic.
BOO! I had it up here, and totally forgot to shrink it. Yeah, it was huge, that much Jen, is sooo not necessary.What is funny, is my hair is now shorter and blonde, go figure.
High doses of caffeine will get you to your target heart rate while sitting!

Little tidbit for those who do not consume large amounts of coffee. Caffeine is my crutch, I use it in place of actual sleep and rest! Works wonders! LOVE IT! Just kidding, yes some days I do consume more than the FDA recommended amount of caffeine. Good Times! Well it is that time of year again, for Turkey and _______. The blank is for you to fill in. Mine will be Turkey and Family. This year Thanksgiving is at my parents place. And it will be a small gathering. Thank Goodness! Some of my extending family, those with 2 first names, make me crazy! And the dogs, do not get me started. Everyone has their own dog as a personal accessory. There are like 6 little dogs, chasing each other. Begging for your turkey. (which if you do feed them, will make them sick) hmmmm and idea....No I don't, they bug me, but I am not the cruel type. What's even better than that is watching the "Recovered Alcoholics" interact with the box wine boozing self proclaimed Alcoholics. I just get my plate, snag the one good TV tray that does not wobble, and watch the show. It is a feast for the eyes. And when it is all over, I give Thanks that I only have to see these nut jobs a few times a year. So this year, I am looking forward to spending Thanksgiving, with my family. (the ones I like) Enjoying the serenity of non disfunction.....for once.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

Unsportsman Like Conduct, against the PARENTS!

Ok, I have not used this venue to vent yet. But watch out.
Yesterday, my daughter participated in a cheer competition.
It was an all day event, they cheered for the football players,
and then performed. All while it was raining sideways. They were
troopers. They cheered and danced their hearts out. The age range of these
girls are from 5 years to 15 years. So this is still supposed to be "fun" for them.
No pressure. At the end of the day, the announce the winners. A total of 4 squads
competed, and 3 awards are given out. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd like usual. So here is where I get miffed. They announce the results, 3rd place cheers and applause for the team, 2nd place more cheers, and applause. Now we are down to the 1st place champions. My daughters cheer squad, and another local city's cheer squad are left. The crowd reaches a fevered pitch. They announce the winner. It is not the cheer squad my daughter is on, but no problem. My kid was just excited to perform, so I am happy for her. But wait, what do I hear thundering through the stands, Loud BOOS, and from the parents of my daughters cheer squad. What horrible sportsmanship. I was so embarrassed, that I walked out of the stadium to wait for my daughter.
I even heard swearing. While I was waiting for my daughter, I could hear parents from the other teams make comments. When my daughter got to me, she was fine, no tears, just happy to have competed, and now be done and out of the rain. Some kids were crying, which I'm sure they were disappointed too. But I heard some girls swearing just like their parents. What nice
examples they set. I am glad this was the last event, because of this situation, I am going to put my daughter on another team. I'm sure the board of directors were embarrassed too by the parents actions, but this should not be tolerated.

And that is all I have to say on the matter.
It's 0300 are you awake yet?

Yes, I just started my day. I know you wish you could be up this early.
It does have its perks. Driving into work at 2:00am on a Sunday morning
is not boring at all. I think of it as an obstacle course, being run of course at
70 miles per hour. First, getting around the drunks is most fun. You have to
pass them with a 3 lane buffer. Since you never know when they will try to make
a left turn in the middle of I-5!! The other fun challenge is getting around
the OVER SIZED LOAD trucks. Did you know that 2:00am is the
best time to move a bridge expanse down I-5. If you were in the dark on this one,
you are not alone. Now don't get me started on the best part. When these bad boys
are moving down the freeway, they have an entourage of like a gizillion trucks, with
a gizillion flashing lights. At 2 in the morn, my eyes are not awake, and having
to drive, while being visually assaulted by a gillion lights is nerve racking. Needless
to say, I have made it to work, and I am enjoying a Grande, triple mocha.
Boohyah! I am awake now. Wait, my coffee cup is empty, time for more :)

Friday, November 04, 2005

My first official Blog thing. Thanks to Lynnae I have a new outlet for all of my creativity. (yeah right ) :) I it is 6:00 am and I am almost have way through my day! WHEEE! I work from 3:0oam - 12noon, so I get up at 1:45am. GRAH!!! Thank God for Coffee! All I need now is to invent caffeinated eye drops and I will be good to go! The good thing is I have the rest of the day to enjoy in a nice semi - commits state. Hey I just made that word up, semi-commits. Now that I am easing back into work life, I am trying to make more time to paint. I have gotten into doing some abstract painting on the side, when I have a chance. Which is usually never, with a 9 year old who has cheer practice all the time. (go figure, I have a daughter who like cheering) and a 2 year old daughter who likes running around all the time. And no, I have not subcumbed to purchasing a mini van. I'm sorry, I know they work for some folks, but for me, I can't cross over that bridge. It just is not in my character. I tried the SUV Suburban Assalut vehicle for a bit. But with gas prices so high, I had to put a stop to that. I like to keep my money, thank you very much, oh yeah, and save the environment too. I am back to sedan land now. Just 4 doors, don't need anymore. It it is good to see folks doing great, living all over, havin fun! I am soooo lame, I have not ventured out of Federal Way! Well I did live in Brown's Point for a bit, and that is considered Tacoma! I know, world traveler. One of these days I tell ya! I have been to some cool places in Mexico though. Ixtapa and Cancun! Let me tell you Playa del Carmen is the most beautiful place! I hope it will be ok after Hurricane Wilma hit it. I will have to ramble more later!

To the Blog Show.